History of Thornton Lawn Tennis Club
In 1905, a tennis, bowling and croquet club was founded by a group of locals on leased private land known at the time as "Lawsons". By 1911 two trophies both called The Thornton Bowling and Tennis Challenge Cup were being played for and the individual winners were Mr Hull and Annie Godwin.
After the First World War, the bowling side of the club was no longer active and the club focused on tennis and croquet. Two more trophies were introduced in 1921 and 1924 both named the Thornton Tennis Club Gentlemen’s Championship.  These trophies were both originally won by Mr Walton, who was the Freehold owner of the land leased to the tennis club.
After the Second World War, the tennis club was still leasing the land. However, in 1951 when the opportunity came to buy the land outright, the club could only afford to purchase enough land for two courts whilst they continued to rent the rest of the land. By 1972, the lease expired and the club could not afford to buy the remaining land nor continue to lease. At the 11th hour Mrs Nichol (daughter of Mr Walton) gave the land on which the present clubhouse sits, to the club for the nominal fee of £1 thereby enabling the club to continue. 
In 2003, as a result of hard work by the committee and the award of a sports lottery grant, a new clubhouse was built upon the site of the old one.
The club is now looking to build upon all the good work of those members past and present and provide local people with the opportunity to enjoy tennis and keep fit.

Thornton Lawn Tennis Club, Lime Grove, Thornton Cleveleys, FY5 4DE

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